Mojo F3B/F3F Available


Mojo F3B/F3F

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El Niño F5j.

Wingspan 3.930m

Wing area 72dm2

Stab aeria 6,4dm2

Aspect ratio: 21.45

Weight min 940gr (12 gr/dm2 FAI)

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Tweagle now available in all neon colors, also gold and silver.




Tweagle td Manual is online.


Merry X mas and a happy 2016 to everyone.

Tweagle td in black and white 


Pink and Green also available.

Pink in standard and Adidas





Launch of the New Tweagle td.

This plane launches even higher and with a huge increase of glidepath combined with a low flying weight the Tweagle td will set the new standards in F3K. More about the Tweagle td in Products


Two Tweagles made it into the fly-off from the Herten Eurotour. This time it was Dutch pilot Peter Aanen and German pilot Manuel Bruderlin.

2e and 3e place at Singapore championships



Merry X-mas and many happy landings for 2015

Time for some updates. The Tweagle performed extraordinary well for me this year. From the 7 contest I flew this year I was able to win 4 including the Herten Eurotour with 70 contestants of which a big number of the last worldchampionships finalists. Best thing of all was that I was able to win the contest in all kinds of weather. So was there the contest in Losser where we had extremely calm, dead weather, grey skies and we had to float at the lightest and tiniest thermals. I won the contest in Assen where we had nice sunny weather with thermals passing every now and then but also sink in-between, and I won the contest in Almere where the wind blew strongly, air was very turbulent and thermals passed with big interventions of bad air. The Tweagle behaved extremely well in the windy and turbulent conditions and it was remarkable to see the big gaps between places 1, 2 and 3 and the rest of the field. Places 1, 2 and 3 all were Tweagles (3 Tweagles attending totally) where number 4 was in the low 80%. The other contests I didn’t win I finished 2nd, 3th, and 4th. Besides the Dutch championship it came also in that in Japan and Israel the national championships where taken with a Tweagle. The Tweagles showed to be a very good allround plane capable of excelling in all kinds of weather.


18-02-2014                        Working on a new model called Tweagle

This model is a higher aspect ratio plane with a wing of 19.8 dm2. Launches are incredible as is the glide. The wing profile is very fast but also extremely lifty and best of it all super forgiving. It makes the plane easy to handle, climbs with the best and in turbulence it rocks. Wing is produced with solidcore rohacell and is very strong and light. Fuse is a bit shorter than most planes for better handling and low inertia. Al 4 servo’s will be in the pod. Price will be at 695 euro (incl V.A.T.). Ordering is possible from now on. Waitinglist is about 2 months now (written at febr 2014).

Twister 3

Screenshot of a still-airflight with Twister 3

52 meters, 194 seconds sinkspeed 0.268 m/sec.

Over the season we gathered some comments on the Twister 3 together with our own experiences to improve the plane to a point that it could withstand any competition. Some comments we heard more then once over the season:

  1. With hard flat launches the plane goes straight forward for a short while before to pitch up
  2. Pilots that didn’t have a strong top launch told me that they were not able to launch the T3 as high as other planes. The vertical designed for the T3 seems to work very well at high speeds but a bit less good at lower speeds.

So we went back to the drawingboard and designed a new vertical which worked better all round. The section is a bit thicker and delivers also enough lift at lower speeds.

During the summer I made a whole lot of fuselages with different lay-ups to figure out wat was best. Finally I settled at 6 extra high modulus 12 k carbontow rovings in the boom, 2 right, 2 left, 1 at the top and 1 at the bottom gave a super stiff fuse to all directions. The Hoop strength was solved differently. What gave a huge weight saving making the fuses 6 grams lighter and all of that came out of the boom. Planes became a good 10 grams lighter with the new fuse. The problem with the plane going forward for a while before pitching up was solved with the new fuse and the plane pitches up directly now. The extra rovings on the side also add to extra launch height making the Twister 3 one of the highest launching planes in the game.

Another thing I started with is making the tailplanes with Vladimir spreadtow. If done right they can be build pretty light with about 13 grams a set and they are very durable. Vladimir spreadtow tails can be ordered for 10 euro/part, 20 euro per set extra.

The wings also got a good tune up. The weight of the wings is down to 110 grams for a C52 wing with Carbon Tissue inside. During several tests it showed that the fluor colors are somewhat heavy because of thick layers needed and clear paint on the outside and a white layer on the inside. For a light plane I would absolutely advise standard colors. Planes can be build as light as 255 grams. That might sound as too light but the T3 can be flown with very light wing loading still making it back to the field and light as this it’s a real weapon.

We also made some still air flights to check the times we could reach. Was the T2 good for times close to 3 minutes the T3 makes it to 3 minutes and 20 seconds. This is not reached with an after CG like many seem to do but with a pretty forward CG and LOTS of flap. About 10 mm down. Don’t try to fly the plane like this in moving air because you won’t be able to control it but in still air it really gives good times.

I also made a simulation with tape at the leading edge to see how much performance would be lost by doing that. Finally performance loss was pretty much neglectable so I started taping my leading edges. During the whole season I had several midairs but with no damage at all. A couple of those midairs were with solidcore rohacell wings and they both had to bite the dust with considerable damage were my planes came out clean. It showed that a taped leading edge is as strong as a solid core if not stronger. The tape I used is 12 mm width clear tesa.

New Model: Twister 3 light

Twister 3 wins double

In the weekend of September 15th and 16th 2012 we could celebrate a double win for the Twister 3. On September 15th in Hamburg André Walkenhorst won the Deutschland Tour contest. On September 16th Alex Hoekstra won the last contest for the Dutch Championships. Theo Schoorl was third with Twister3.

Peter Aanen finished first in de Dutch Championship 2012 and Alex Hoekstra second both with Twister 3.

Twister 3 light is build now with C52 and carbon tissue inside. It’s very light and strong This looks like the most favorable setup.

Contest Results

Twister 3′s first appearance in a contest with international participation was won bij Peter Aanen with Twister 3.