The tweagle is our latest contest model . The Tweagle is a high aspect ratio plane with full rohacell wingcore. Wings are made with 40gr/m2 Carboline and servo’s are all situated in the pod. Vertical and horizontal tailplanes are made with 26 gr?m2 carboline making them light and strong. The wing is mounted on a pylon to have the least wing/fuselage intervention drag. This resulted in an extremely high launching plane with very good gliding capabilities.  In the first year the Tweagle pretty much won every contest or at least ended high The overall performance is very good.


The wing section of this plane is designed by myself and has a lot of advantages over the most commonly know sections like you find on RC groups. So has the section a remarkable low drag at low Reynolds numbers and an extremely high CL max. This makes the plane capable of circling very tight in thermals and climb a lot faster then most other planes. Accelerating from low speeds to faster running speeds goes with very little loss of hight. Also the wing can handle about 1.5 degrees more angle of attack then comparable well known F3k sections . This means that the total speedrange of the Tweagle is wider 

and the plane can fly slower without being punished. The high speed performance of this plane is at least as good as any other but when it comes to launching the Tweagle is far ahead. Were most sections have a lowe drag bucket around Cl 0.1 at high speeds and then run up quickly when gone lower in Cl the Tweagle sections has far wider low drag buckets extending to negative Cl’s so even at the point were the plane needs to be leveled out the drag stays pretty low resulting in higher launches. During test  84 meters was reached by a good launcher.

Wingspan 149.9mm

Wing area 19.8dm2

aspect ratio 11.35

weight 240gr